Brian Almeida is the co-founding songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist of The Shape. He is also a podcaster, screenwriter, oddities and occult enthusiast, horror aficionado, and pro wrestling and mixed martial arts enthusiast, and enjoys a good cigar and better whiskey. Hailing from New Haven County, CT, Brian has been immersed in art and music his whole life. 

Brian is the son to life-long CT/NY radio DJ Gary Peters, and brother of NY independent theater and film actress, writer/director, Jes Almeida. Brian was playing drums and guitar by age 6 and working on horror films and writing music since his teenage years. Along the way, acquiring and lending bass, piano, keyboard, strings, percussion, banjo, and mandolin to his repertoire and The Shape recordings.

Inspired by a wide range of artists from Iron Maiden, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Rush, and Megadeth to Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Pixies, The Cure, and Prince, he began writing songs and honing his craft as a songwriter. A love for extreme and technical heavy metal, gritty hard rock, punk, and classic and extreme horror cultivated a long-lasting partnership with co-founder Chris Carlino in the early 2000s, leading to the formation of what would eventually become The Shape in 2006. 

Brian has been the constant in The Shape since day one and has taken the show on the road opening and supporting his idols and in the studio non-stop since. Brian Almeida exclusively uses Shure Microphones, Jackson Guitars, Diezel Amplification, Ernie Ball strings, Dunlop picks, and EMG pickups. Want to learn more about The Shape? Read more about them in this article. You can find them on social media at @theshaperocks and their new album The Age of Doom and Fear on all digital streaming platforms.