Coming out of Connecticut is a melodic death metal and metalcore band named The Shape, who’ve been steadily grinding for 10 years. The band has toured across the east coast, charted Billboard with their tracks The World Away and Where The Sun Sleeps, and has received recognition from big publications like Bravewords and Metal Cyndicate. The Shape is led by vocalist and guitarist Brian Almeida and vocalist and guitarist Chris Carlino. 

Brian Almeida, pictured right, and The Shape performing live

Through Monolithic Music, the metal band has released three full-length projects digitally – The Impurity, Masque of the Red Death, and The World Away. Taking their time to perfect each project, the group has created a unique sound that bridges the gap between death metal fans and mainstream music listeners. 

The Impurity, their debut project on digital platforms, featured an eclectic mixture of different metallic and progressive styles combined with classic American hard rock n’ roll. This unique, versatile sound is one of The Shape’s biggest strengths. In their review of Masque of the Red Death, Alternative Control CT says the album “is a painstakingly crafted progressive soundscape that’s accessible enough to earn the band a following, but metal enough that they don’t sound like a bunch of pussies.” 

The third album of theirs, The World Away, received the most significant traction of the band’s three official projects, charting on Billboard with the singles The World Away and Where The Sun Sleeps. Since its release, The World Away’s music video has racked up over 40,000 views on YouTube

In 2021, The Shape has two projects planned to appease the dedicated fan base they’ve built over the past decade. Stay tuned for more! In the mean time, check out The Shape’s full discography on Spotify.