Are you looking for a new, Southern hip hop artist with meaningful lyrics and a modern, yet nostalgic sound? If so, then Feddi Feen is the next artist you should watch. Savannah GA artist Feddi Feen has been making music for over 7 years and has created his own line meshing old school, trap, and reggae vibes smoothly and organically. 

What stands out about Feddi Feen is his ability to switch between styles. Feddi Feen cites greats like Tupac and Camoflague as his biggest influences. Earlier this year, Feddi Feen released one of his first official singles on all digital streaming platforms, Work 101. In this release, Feddi discusses struggle, injustice, and of course hard work. Since its release, Work 101 has amassed over 5,000 streams on YouTube. 

You gotta boss up, because you might get laid off” Feddi spits, a timely bar as the COVID pandemic caused widespread unemployment not seen since the Great Depression. Work 101 is gritty, honest, and authentic. If you haven’t heard Feddi Feen’s work before, check out When It Rains It Pours, and our exclusive interview we had with Feddi last month. And, make sure to follow him on Spotify!