Following up on previous collaborations such as Venice Boulevard, 100K, and Money or Fame, Washington D.C.-based Spell Jordan and Los Angeles transplant Jackie Platinum connect for Life’s a Trip! BoyzFlow, who worked on singles for Spell Jordan such as Margielas, Runway, and In My City, produced this single as well. “They don’t want me to win though, life’s a fucking trip, blowing smoke up out the window, off the fucking rip” Jordan sings on the hook. 

The pair provide great contrast on the track, with Jordan’s deeper vocals complimenting Jackie’s energetic, higher vocals. “I knew I was special since the let’s go” Jackie sings, reflecting on the popularity of his popular ad-lib. Jackie Platinum has seen dramatic success lately as his single Hold Onto Me gains traction in Sweden, Norway, and Finland as well as online. 

Both Jordan and Jackie are incredibly prolific and have much planned for this year. Make sure to stream Life’s a Trip! on Spotify! Want to learn more about Jackie Platinum? Check out his interview with DCR.