We got a super unique opportunity to sit down with one of our favorite artists, Boston/LA singer and songwriter Jackie Platinum. 

First off, we want to thank you, Jackie, for taking the time to talk with us about your career. Since we found you, we knew we had discovered someone incredibly unique and talented. In the past month, we’ve streamed almost your entire discography, from your most recent collaborations with Jakkyboi and Lil Soda Boi, to your early, early Duckboy EPs. What impressed us the most is the incredible amount of growth you’ve shown in the past month. Since you dropped “Fuck A Close Friend”, your music quality has really gone up. Is there something you can contribute to this? Or did you just put in your time?

To be completely honest, I just started putting in more effort. For the longest time I didn’t really have a specific method of recording music. I would write some songs down, and others I would just freestyle. They weren’t all one take freestyle though… I would usually go through the beat and keep the parts I liked, and deleted parts I didn’t. However, around the time of “Fuck A Close Friend”, I made a conscious effort to write every one of my songs, and actually put hours into the things I was planning to say. It’s been paying off so far.

It’s obvious from your lyrics you have a couple topics you stress: your friendship with your friend Terrio, your tense relationship with your father, drug use, and some more. I was wondering if you wanted to elaborate on any of these topics? How did these experiences not only shape you but your music?

Terrio is the reason I am succeeding right now, to be honest. He was one of the closest friends I have ever had in my life, and unfortunately, he passed away in 2015. The impact he on me was really insane, to be completely honest. He and I didnt know each other for more than three years before his passing, but he taught me so much about confidence. I remember I was always writing songs in school and writing little songs on my keyboard. Terrio didn’t go to school with me so he was doing his thing during the day writing songs as well, and we would always meet up after school and share each other’s work. The craziest thing is, I remember I made some eminem ass horrorcore song, and recorded it in some horrible mic(rophone). Terrio came to my house, and was so amped up that he put it on his snapchat, basically announcing I was a rapper. I was so self conscious and embarrassed, but he was the first person to actually make me believe I could do this stuff. And he was so good at rapping. So, so good… He would’ve been famous, and I put it on my life. As for my relationship with my father…..it’s an odd situation. I have a tense relationship with the concept of family in general. It’s not like I hate my dad specifically. My parents have made a lot of decisions regarding me that I haven’t agree with. I spent around 2 years in an abusive treatment facility called “The Carlbrook School” … It’’s shut down now, but you should totally google it. Its some real shit……I don’t really try to flaunt that stuff but it certainly has lead to me, and my family, (to) having a tense relationship.

You’ve got a couple songs such as Ozarks and Darth Maul that reference TV and Movies found on Netflix. Is film and video a big source of inspiration from you, or just something you referenced in these songs? Where do you come up with some of the more unique metaphors and similes you’ve used?

I definitely like movies, but most of the references I make are to stuff I’ve seen in the past. I’m not really a movie buff right now, but I love … entertainment references in lyrics. I used to listen to Action Bronson all the time, and he was always saying … cool old sports references that I had to google. I just enjoy taking the listener for a ride. Whenever I’m writing a song I just try to think of as much cool shit as possible, but without sounding too cliche. I have always been pretty good at creative writing in general … I just love english. I’m comfortable using it. Its like my own Sword In The Stone.

One of the common nicknames you’ve given yourself is “The 42 Baby”, and “222”. What is the significance of 42, and 222?

I was writing a song one day, and the thought of Jackie Robinson popped into my head. I really wanted to find a way to align myself with a sports player for a while … so I just figured Jackie x Jackie = 42Baby. He has accomplished much more in his life than I (have) so far … I have some catching up to do. As far as the 222 goes, I just kept seeing that everywhere! It was crazy, but at one point it felt like every bus I saw was 222, every time I checked the clock it was 2:22 … I couldn’t explain it. To be honest, I’ve stopped seeing it as much nowadays.

While your SoundCloud has a ton of content, you only have 2 EPs up on Spotify and Apple Music: Jackie Platinum Vol. 1, and Jackie Platinum Vol. 2. Should we expect more from you on paid streaming platforms?

Honestly I don’t know. I (would) love to upload more to those platforms, but I … get annoyed by the delay in upload time. It makes it pretty hard for me to time all my releases, (and) I like to use production with samples. I don’t want to run the risk of getting the shit sued out of me. Also, I really resent the “soundcloud is dead” thing. I truly don’t think that’s true, and I’ll keep uploading there to prove a point … I will certainly give Spotify and Apple music more thought.

Based on your IG Live and other videos, you have a true adoration for your pets. Care to talk about them a little?

Ahhhhhh sure. I have an all black cat named Onyx. He’s a great lil friend to have around, plus I wanted to embrace the supersticion. Apparently, black cats are the least adopted cats across shelters nationwide. That’s sad to me. He’s like my own mini jaguar running around my house … It’s sick … I’m not sure why someone wouldn’t want this. I also have a nice puppy named Poppaea, but I call her Poppy for short. I’m not sure if you are familiar with Roman history, but she’s named after one of the wives of Nero. I love history. I also love my pets.

Do you have any shout outs you’d like to give?

I just hope everyone reading this knows how much I truly appreciate all the love and support I have been getting recently. It’s something I never thought would happen. I could go on all day thanking specific people for sharing my music and supporting on social media, so I just can’t pick one person. I just hope everyone knows how much I appreciate them.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I’m going to continue to release songs every Tuesday for the near future. Once I hit 1,000 followers on Soundcloud I am going to be releasing merchandise as well … I’m excited for that. I’ve got a few things working right now, but they haven’t formulated enough for me to speak on.

Do you have any collaborations or big projects coming?

Good things come to those who wait 🙂 I’m looking to drop a full project before the summer though … I will say that.

Thanks for sitting down with us Jackie. Anything else you want to share before we close out the interview?

I got nothing. Thanks guys … I hope you have a good day 🙂 More music next Tuesday!