Independent artists are looking for growth. At the start of an artist’s career, quick growth is important. While many independent artists are business oriented, some are strictly artists. Being so dedicated to your craft comes with many positives, but some negatives. One being a lack of time, knowledge, or energy to manage or market your career. As a result, independent artists have started looking to management companies seeking guidance.

What artists don’t realize is that a manager is not a marketer. 

While a manager can certainly promote your music, this role should be filled by a marketer or marketing team. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of having a manager or management team, when the right time for management is, and alternatives to hiring a manager(s).

Managers provide benefits a number of ways. One is their ability to get your music into the right hands through their connections. The presence of a manager or management team in the industry is important, as if they are not connected, they have no proven insight into or ability to get your music to the right people. 

Managers should also be experts in planning and organizing the release of your content. They should handle scheduling your content, booking tours, and ensuring your content is cleared, copyright protected, and able to be distributed to stores and the web. Managers also should provide career guidance and create long-term goals.

When should I hire a manager?

  • If you are starting out, have content created, but a lack of knowledge on how and where it should be distributed.
  • If you are succeeding independently, but are looking for a way to break into the industry.
  • If you are succeeding independently, but are seeking a greater ROI.

When should I not hire a manager?

  • If you are not generating income from your music, but are looking to get your music heard, and start making money off your craft.

If you fit in the latter category, you should look towards a marketing company, or focus on your own marketing strategy. You can learn more about this in our Independent Artist Marketing series.

Looking to hire a management company? You’ve come to the right place. 

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