Based in the United Arab Emirates, but born in Turkey, Singer Muratti has impressed audiences with his vocal performance and versatility across genres. The death of a close friend led Muratti to put himself 100% into his music. Since then, he has released a number of successful songs including his rendition of the classic Turkish song Fikrimin Ince Gulu. Other tracks such as Severdik Sonbahari and his French hip hop song Night River have been streamed thousands of times. 

But until now, Muratti is yet to work on a rock song. On January 14th, Singer Muratti released his debut rock single, Iron Lady, alongside a music video. The music video sees Singer Muratti singing in a dark room under a spotlight, as scenes of romance cut in and out. Iron Lady is a beautiful ballad, perfect for late nights or to help you concentrate on work. 

Iron Lady is the first of many singles Singer Muratti has planned for 2022. Check out the music video to Singer Murattiā€™s Iron Lady on YouTube or listen to the track on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform. Want more from Singer Muratti? Check out this interview.