Boston fan favorite Mr. StarZ ended 2021 with a bang with the release of his latest single U Want. The cover art pictures Mr. StarZ’s character, Blaster the Bear, taking off his glasses and showing off his red eyes for the first time ever. With pounding bass starting the track off, the prolific Massachusetts-based DJ and producer brings another fantastic house song for his fans. For those who enjoyed his other recent singles such as Ares and Can’t Resist, you’ll love U Want. This track is perfect to play during a workout or at a party!  

When asked to describe his style in our interview, Mr. StarZ said his sound is “​​dark and devious. I said that was going to be my vibe at the beginning of the year and I think I’ve kept to that with some gritty, powerful basslines and new energy and Bass House feel.” U Want is Mr. StarZ’s first song that experiments with sounds and styles found most often in Breakbeat and Dubstep, while staying true to his house influences. In the last few months of 2021, Mr. StarZ dropped single after single with the help of labels such as Blanco y Negro and G-Mafia Records. 

Want to see Mr. StarZ live? You’re in luck if you live in Massachusetts or the New England area. Mr. StarZ will be joining fellow producers Nazariff and Remy Steele on March 25 at The Corner at Zuzu in Cambridge, MA. This is a concert you don’t want to miss! Until then, make sure to follow Mr. StarZ on Spotify to stay up to date on all of his releases.