Drasmatic is a Texas-born and Bay Area, California-based recording artist who has recorded four albums over the past four years – Mystic, Meditative Jazz, Consciousness, and Visions. He has continuously honed his craft for lyrical hip hop while fighting his personal battles with schizophrenia. On his most recent single, Almost Persuaded, released on April 22nd, Drasmatic delivers aggressive vocals over a booming, jazzy instrumental.

In 2020, we sat down with Drasmatic to discuss the evolution of his style. He reflected in our recent interview:

“With my first EP “Jade” and first record “Alchemy”, I was touching bases on what I was going through during the time. Schizophrenia being one of them. A few hospitalizations took place between those years. After that period of time I picked up meditation and reading. That really assisted me with understanding mental illness.” 

Drasmatic uses his platform to advocate for mental illness awareness and to express himself as he overcomes his personal battles. Earlier this month, Drasmatic released his latest album, Visions, highlighting his strong beat selection and lyricism. Want to read more about Drasmatic’s most recent project? Check out our review of Visions.

If you’re not already following Drasmatic on Spotify, check out the project and follow him here. If you want to learn more about the Bay Area transplant, check out our article Artist Spotlight: Drasmatic.