Drasmatic is a prolific, talented, and conscious hip hop recording artist from Texas, now based in the San Francisco Bay Area. This past Summer, we chatted with Drasmatic about his influences and recent releases. This month, we caught up with Drasmatic for another interview.

How have you been? What have you been up to this Summer?

I’m good! I’ve been whipping up a lot of new beats for emcees and rappers. Been in network with a few different people trying to establish some new work. It’s been tedious, however I know things will still work out.

How do you feel your music has changed over time?

With my first EP “Jade” and first record “Alchemy”, I was touching bases on what I was going through during the time. Schizophrenia being one of them. A few hospitalizations took place between those years. After that period of time I picked up meditation and reading. That really assisted me with understanding mental illness.

My topics and perspectives changed into more of a spiritual standpoint. Records like “Mystic” and “Enchantment” were more pro-spiritual and had deeper meaning. Beat records like “Consciousness” and “Meditative Jazz” have been more of an artistic expression. The latest, “Array” has more of a burst of my own personal story within context.

What have the biggest events in your career been thus far?

Good question. So far it’s been the release and promotion of records “Mystic” and “Array” which seem to be my two significant best. Also, doing beat battles in Oakland, California have been fun. It’s always good to be able to let people hear your work, what you can do and enjoy doing it. The last recent live event I’ve done was a live stream with Jada Imani during the pandemic.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your creativity and output?

I believe it’s good and bad. The good part is it’s an introvert’s dream to be indoors and work all day. The bad part is I can’t get out there and do things on the main stage. However, as far as creativity goes I feel inspired to let people understand from my creative perspective as far as what my music is about. I just hope the message isn’t misconstrued.

What obstacles have you faced in your career?

Man. I think the ability to take my career and hone in on certain aspects of what people expect. I remember always being taught when you’re offered something, say “Yes” right off the jump. People have the ideal that it’s easy trying to maintain the independent route. You’ve really got to push yourself and stay motivated.

Appreciate you talking with us again. Any upcoming music you want to promote?

Thank you, DC. Right now I’m selling beats for any rappers to hop on. Serious inquiries only. So, if you rap and need beats. Feel free to DM me on Instagram at @dras_1.

Any messages for the world?

Peace and blessings to the world.

Want to learn more about Drasmatic? Check out our last interview, or find all of his music on Spotify!