Originally from Texas, Bay Area transplant Drasmatic has delivered hit after hit for the past few years. With his first official album, Alchemy, in 2017, Drasmatic began establishing his local and online presence with a series of impactful tracks including Angels Amongst Us, Neva Dug Disco, and Night of Lost Budapest. Between 2017 and 2019, Drasmatic took a break to focus on his craft. 

In 2019, he began to release content consistently, with a number of releases including the EP Elliptical, and three full albums, Mystic, Enchantment, and Meditative Jazz. Like many classic hip hop records, many of Dras’ albums include instrumental versions to some of the tracks. These tracks close out the projects with smooth beats, and provide a more focused look at some of the talented production on Dras’ music. 

In 2020, Dras continued to establish himself with an album, Consciousness, and his most recent EP, Array. Like much of Dras’ previous work, these projects are soulful, eclectic, ambient, and easy to listen to. 

Ready to shine in 2021, Dras’ prolific nature is not changing. He has more singles, EPs, and albums already in the works. And, as soon as the pandemic is over, he’s planning to hit stages across the country. In the meantime, make sure to follow him on Spotify. Watch out for Drasmatic!