Jared, born Peter Augustin, is a Saint Lucia based recording artist with a passion for moving crowds and shifting minds through Godly hip hop music. Jared effortlessly intertwines Gospel themes with genres such as pop, hip hop, and R&B in his music. Recently, Jared appeared on a number of radio and television statements across Saint Lucia as his recent single Keep Your Lights On receives critical acclaim in the area. 

The latest single from Jared, Love Me Now, discusses adversity, the struggle of an underground artist to reach new heights, and the role and power of God in his life and others’. Jared is certainly versatile, with this song more aggressive than his last two singles, Keep Your Lights On, and Hear ‘Em, but equally conscious. For fans of gospel and hip hop alike, Love Me Now is a must listen. 

Want to learn more about Jared? Check out our exclusive interview with the Saint Lucia based artist and take a listen to Love Me Now, Keep Your Lights On, Hear ‘Em, and more on Jared’s official Spotify page.