Jared is an incredibly interesting emerging act from St. Lucia. Releasing music for years, he has slowly built up a catalogue of impressive singles, including, but certainly not limited to: Work, Double Cup, and last month’s Hear ‘Em with Mya Scott. Jared spreads a message of positivity and prayer in his music, due to his religious influences and finding God earlier in his life. 

Jared provides a unique perspective on hip hop. In an industry filled with explicit, bombastic music, Jared provides a positive, conscious, and real perspective on the events in his life and the world around him in song after song. Jared’s latest single, Hear ‘Em, shows off his versatility, religious influences, and ability to collaborate with artists in his first collaboration with recording artist Mya Scott. 

Jared has much planned for the coming months. He has another unannounced single touching down on digital streaming platforms later this summer, as well as a full EP. Don’t miss out on anything Jared is up to. Check out his latest music on his official Spotify account. Want to learn more about Jared? Check out our exclusive interview.