Drasmatic is an exciting conscious hip hop artist based out of the Bay Area in California – though he is originally from Texas. Earlier this month, Drasmatic returned from a short hiatus with his latest body of work, Visions. Released on March 19th, 2021, Visions features 11 tracks highlighting his impeccable beat selection and insane lyricism.

“My music style is dark light conscious hip hop. Music that is a stream of consciousness and stream of lyricism. On topics like spirituality, meditation, politics and art. Some positive, some negative, but always relating to thought.” Drasmatic reflected on his art in our exclusive interview last year. 


  1. 7 Seas
  2. Tell Me How to Feel
  3. Let It All Hang Out
  4. My Vision Came to Me
  5. Have F-U-N
  6. Open Up
  7. Over
  8. Define
  9. It’s Not so Bad
  10. I Know That I’m Livin’
  11. Take Me to the River (Conclusion)

For fans of old school hip hop and both ambient and boom bap production, Drasmatic’s Vision is a must-listen. If you’re not already following Drasmatic on Spotify, check out the project and follow him here. If you want to learn more about the Bay Area transplant, check out our article Artist Spotlight: Drasmatic.