After a hiatus in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Connecticut-based extreme metal and rock band The Shape returns with three new members and some killer records ready to be released. These records plan to showcase the heaviest, darkest sides of The Shape’s sound and message, and also their most pensive and versatile. On April 2nd, The Shape plans to release their first official track since 2017, Doctor Plague. Doctor Plague was written and recorded by Brian Almeida and Christopher Carlino, the band’s two co-founding multi-instrumentalists. 

Who is The Shape?

Formed in 2006, The Shape has been a steady and popular live force in the Connecticut, New England, and East Coast music scenes; having toured & played over 600+ shows, recorded 6 albums, and an EP in the band’s 15-year existence. Blending their mutual love of horror, human psychology, and philosophy with their passion for a wide variety of metal and dark rock influences, The Shape brings a unique and ever-evolving take on heavy music. Fusing thrash, melodic, death, and extreme metal with gritty hard rock, punk, gothic and atmospheric splashes, the band weaves a pastiche of unique authenticity to their sound; bucking repetition with each release. 

The Shape’s breakthrough came with their 2017 effort, “The World Away”, landing at #1 on the Billboard Northeast album charts, #24 on the Hard Rock album chart, and #192 on the Billboard 200. Supported by steady radio play and tours, the album spawned the charting mainstream rock singles “The World Away” and “Where The Sun Sleeps”, as well as heavy rotation in metal and college radio for fellow singles “The Devil In Your Eyes” and “Decimation”. 


After taking a year off to collect themselves and improve their sound, The Shape is returning on April 2nd with their newest single, Doctor Plague. The Connecticut-based extreme metal band aims to chart Billboard again with these new records. We’re excited to hear the new music that The Shape releases in the coming months. If you’d like to learn more about the band, check out this article we published earlier in the year.