Having already been featured in editorial playlists such as Spotify’s “All-Nighter”, “Heavy Trap Beats”, “Foco com Energia”, and “Enfoque con Energia”, anonymous producer duo Platinum has definitely carved their niche in beat-making with their unique glitch and cyber and Y2K approach. After 1 year of producing publicly, they landed multiple editorial playlist placements with Spotify, released over 350 beats on streaming platforms, amassed fifty thousand plus monthly listeners, and have nearly two thousand YouTube subscribers. This made Platinum want to release a project with an artist that aligned with their vision; that artist so happened to be the small, but infectious, hyperpop singer Lil Eddy, which led to the sad yet energetic single “Without Me”, which was released on March 23rd, 2021.

Platinum consists of 2 producers both of which are heavily influenced by the early 2000’s and it’s nostalgia. As Platinum expands with strategic advertising and Youtube growth, their beats continue to defy the standards of what a “beat” should be while still maintaining core elements predominant within the genre of hip-hop. Platinum loves to incorporate longing, experimentalism, and virtual aesthetics into their music. 

Lil Eddy says that his name was influenced by early 2000’s TV cartoon, “Ed Edd and Eddy” and compares his look to the Nickelodeon character “Chucky” from Rugrats. His artistic influences span from Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert to more emo artists such as Blood on the Dance Floor and Asking Alexandria. Fans of his may also like artists such as, BBY GOYARD, SEBii, Osquinn, Swoopy, Oaf1, Capoxxo, and David Shawty.