Slayworld was founded in 2016. It was an underground collective with numerous rappers, producers, and affiliates. This group works together and makes music called “pluggnb,” which has been a buzz in the underground music scene for some time now and is starting to gain mainstream acceptance. The roster seems to change regularly, but some current and past members are Izaya Tiji, Endoh, Autumn!, Summrs, KanKan, Yeat, and more. Visit our blog to learn more about underground rappers!

“Pluggnb” is a production style that originated off the SoundCloud scene in 2016-2017. If you followed that wave at all then you know of producers like Mexikodro and Polo Boy Shawty who were amongst the first to make the sound popular. Rappers from the sub-genre include D Savage, Diego Money, and many more. The beats rely on heavy synths and deep bass underneath soft R&B sounds. People typically describe the sound overall as “soft and trippy.”

Slayworld is a collective of SoundCloud rappers and producers who all primarily use the pluggnb sound. The group was founded in early 2016 by Goonie, Izaya Tiji, and Frankslastday. Slayworld is not a label or official group. The intent was to collaborate and promote each other’s music through loose affiliations, similar to the purpose behind XXXTentacion’s Members Only collective.

Some of the most popular names to come out of the Slayword group include Summrs, KANKAN, and Autumn! 

KanKan announced that Slayworld is no longer a thing. According to the rapper, some random person started the collective in Canada and it was never about the music. There was no clear explanation for what it was, but fans can still relate to the artists in the collective. As of 2021, it appears that Slayworld has disbanded, though former members still use the name. It was their influence that inspired the masses to jump on the “pluggnb” bandwagon.