On September 23rd at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City, the phenomenal Aditya Kalyanpur will be bracing the stage with Max ZT accompanying him on his performance.

Kalyanpur is a talented percussionist and tabla player beyond his years, who has catapulted his career to new heights—he’s worked with many well-known artists, including Katy Perry. With Aditya Kalyanpur’s trademark blend of technical brilliance, improvisations, and high-octane showmanship, these award-winning tabla virtuosos captivate audiences around the world.

Recently, Aditya was featured in two Spotify editorial playlists, PAUSE: Rewind and Hindustani Instrumentals.

No matter what musical context he is playing in, from accompanying a sitar to playing jazz guitar to collaborating with artists from all genres, he adapts masterfully! Listeners are able to experience resonant, melodic, and percussive textures through this visual and auditory experience.

We are certain that his performance on September 23rd will be unforgettable! This fall, you can also expect Aditya Kalyanpur to perform at other east and west-coast venues. We will announce the dates as soon as possible.

The performance will be on September 23 at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. Don’t miss the date! If you want more from Aditya, be sure to check him out on Spotify!