Akeem Worldwide, a music artist from Jamaica, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is releasing his debut, The Irreplaceable Album, on July 1st. Akeem’s style is rooted in reggae and dancehall but pushes boundaries with funk, soul, and R&B influences. This combines old-school vibes with modern production techniques to create an influential sound. “You have to try new ingredients to get a new taste…” says the singer. The Irreplaceable Album will reflect his unique blend of dancehall, soul, and urban vibes, and is widely anticipated.

The 15-track album follows up on his empowering single, “You Got The Power,” which was released on Juneteenth. The song explores civil rights issues through his soulful lyrics and powerful beats. 

Akeem Worldwide draws on Caribbean and African roots to create passionate and compelling music that is inclusive and aspirational. Through his music, he offers listeners a unique perspective on the world, one that is both intoxicating and thought-provoking. His music provides an outlet for expression and catharsis, helping people to feel connected to their communities and heritage. Following the success of past tracks like “Big Time” and “Among Us”, we know Akeem Worldwide is sure not to disappoint on The Irreplaceable Album.

Akeem grew up in a musically inclined household, which he discussed in a previous interview with the artist. Singing at church is something he accredits to his lyricism and instrumental abilities. Akeem was influenced by his father, who is also a singer. His early beginnings were the key to his success. Akeem’s music transcends cultural boundaries and is empowering because it allows people to connect from all corners of the globe.The Irreplaceable Album, the first full-length album by Akeem Worldwide, will be released on Spotify and all streaming platforms on Friday, July 1st. Check out the exclusive interview with Akeem to learn more about his musical style and personal inspirations, and don’t miss the drop!