Born in Florida on January 20, 2005, but raised in North Carolina, glaive, whose real name is Ash Blue Gutierrez, is a 17 years old singer. glaive is a record producer and songwriter very involved in the hyperpop genre. He is known for collaborations with artists such as Ericdoa, SEBii, and most recently, the song More Than Life with rapper turned emo singer Machine Gun Kelly. The name glaive comes from a weapon in the video game Dark Souls III. He oftentimes is said to look like Finn Wolfhard, or the character Mike, from Stranger Things. glaive was also a product of the COVID-19 pandemic; remote classes allowed more time for making music. 

Posting his tracks on SoundCloud, glaive’s musical creations are face-paced, both in length and in tempo, and explore many emo and pop punk themes. The music explores many genres and provides a sense of genuine honesty. This may be why glaive has not always considered himself a part of the hyperpop community. 

Following his quick rise to fame from only his bedroom, glaive signed a deal with Interscope Records in 2020.  After signing, glaive released his debut extended play, Cypress Grove. In 2021, glaive released an EP with fellow hyperpop artist, Ericdoa, titled Then I’ll Be Happy. Gutierrez also released his second solo EP, All Dogs Go to Heaven, in 2021. glaive released a deluxe version of the project in 2022, called All Dogs Go to Heaven, Old Dog, New Tricks.

As proof that anyone with a computer can not only make music, but rise to a level of fame that no one could imagine, glaive is an amazing success story. Listen to more from glaive over on Spotify