Despite being from Atlanta, GA, he is not the rapper you’d expect. GPgutta has been doing his thing for years now, spitting rhymes that are real and raw, delivering them with pure energy. The new song Decatur, released on May 28, 2022, shows how fresh he is still with his lyrics and flow, owning the country and rap style he’s created.

The melodic tune and rhythmic drums are sure to get you hyped up and ready for the weekend. GPgutta’s versatility makes Decatur a song that caters to everyone.

We sat down with GPgutta earlier this year to discuss his inspiration for his genius and to find out what the artist is currently bumping on their playlist. While GPgutta is relatively new to the rap game, he has been crushing it for the past three years. As a result of his friend’s encouragement, he put his skills to good use and started his career as a music artist. According to him, “Highway” is his best track at the moment. Check out some other tracks GPgutta has recently released on Spotify and read our latest interview with him while we wait for more!