Nesto is a Fresno, California-based rapper with a unique sound. He released new music! Nesto’s album, Trap on 1000, came out in 2020 and features Nesto’s original 7 songs. This album was met with large success and was a huge accomplishment for the rapper. Nesto poured his creativity into this project. 

His EP Lava Logic came out a year later in 2021. This is a briefer, yet powerful EP. Nesto has been developing and evolving throughout the years in music and the years during the pandemic. Nesto is now moving to new musical stylings. He is not veering too far from his roots, however. 

Now he brings his music to another level. He remixed his album Trap on 1000 with a chopped and screwed version. This will slow down the recordings on the album and remix them in a whole new way. The album was just released! Want more from Nesto? Check out our interview.