Nesto is a rising talent based out of Fresno, California, originally from Camden, New Jersey. We originally sat down with Nesto last year, but much has changed. Check out our follow up interview.

How do you feel your music has changed over time, specifically on your latest releases?

My music hasn’t changed. The only thing that changes, would be my flow, and that depends on the instrumental.

What have the biggest events in your career been thus far?

My biggest event was in V.A. I recorded my first single, and leaked it in a club, W. H. W. C. I didn’t have the track available on any platforms but it was my only chance to get it played at the moment. The club loved it, literally.

How have the people you’ve been listening to and influenced by shaped your music?

I believe I bring my own shape to my own sound.

Any artists you’re hoping to collaborate with?

I have been trying to figure that out for a while. I think any major artist that is out right now would be awesome to collaborate with.

What do you have in store for 2020?

As of now Trap On A Thousand March 27! Besides that, I plan on continuing to put my music out.

Any messages for the world?

If you want more of Nesto, you’ll get him.

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