Sig.Carlito, whose real name is Jerry Cruz, is an Ohio born rapper and producer. His fan base began to grow with merely two singles out. His following is built on these releases: Obsessed and Mariah<3.They each sample Mariah Carey’s 2009 hit Obsessed. Since these releases he has created many singles that have helped raise his profile even further. These releases have included collaborations with Zelly Ocho, Drippin So Pretty, and others. As a producer, he goes by 16yrsold, who produced Mo Bamba by Sheck Wes. The Sig in his name stands for So Icy Goth and the logo used in some of their merchandise is a play on the Sig Sauer brand of firearm.

His next 3 song EP, titled Infrared, was released in 2021. He has excellent hits, like V4RS1TY J4CK3T on this album,  along with many others. This discography includes so many powerful hits. 

Part of his power comes from his own engineering work and his infectious rifs and beats. This makes a unique sound. In an interview, he stated that his music just sounds like what he envisions music to hound like. And that he “mashes up what we all like” into his music. 

Keep an eye out for what Sig.Carlito will bring us next!