Rapper JELEEL!, whose real name is Jeleel Yussuf, is a new singer rising to fame. Born on October 14th, 1995, in Los Angeles, California, he has been performing and making music since a young age. In unique fashion, JELEEL! is known for his gymnastics abilities and flexibility. He uses Twitter and his TikTok accounts to broadcast his music and his physical stunts. He has since earned 1.1 million followers on social media. JELEEL! experiments with different beats and vocal sounds, some considered hyperpop or emo rap. He is using new techniques and creative lyrical stylings to express himself and create an original sound. His music continues to build on the success he’s found as well as his own creativity.

He writes about his challenging journey as a musician. He has experienced the struggle of living in a very busy and expensive city as an artist attempting to make it in a broad way. He describes being houseless for a time in LA. He describes his motivation to make music coming from people doubting him and what he could do.  

In an interview with Earmilk, JELEEL! Stated that his main goal is to “inspire people through my music, energy, and presence”. He described that he wants “to shake and change the world. [and] open doors for other creatives. [Most importantly], I just want to help humanity live out [their] purpose.” Clearly, this musical journey is important for JELEEL! and his musical efforts are going to take big strides in the future. 

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