Kill Jasper, whos real name is Demaurae Rondelle Nichols, has been making music since he was a mere 6 years old. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Kill Jasper has shown how a dedication to music can propel you through hardship. Compton born, South Central raised, Kill Jasper experienced ups and downs which have clearly contributed to his unique musical sound. Feeling overwhelmed in his childhood environment, Kill Jasper used music as a method of escape. Music quickly transformed from a hobby into a lifelong passion when he dropped out of highschool in 10th grade to exclusively focus on his sound. 

Kill Jasper epitomizes the concept of taking lemons and making them into lemonade. His challenged upbringing provides fodder for his songs as well as a motivation and drive to succeed in the music industry. He describes himself as using negative life experiences to formulate his original songs. His hard work and tireless persistence is paying off as he reaches heights of success. He has over 240,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 15,000 followers. 

Inspired by artists like Eminem and Green Day, Kill Jasper has worked hard to get to this point in his creative and personal journey. Kill Jasper’s music is filled with solid beats and unexpected vocal transitions. He has a power that lies in the unexpected. His music sometimes takes on a melancholic tone with a sort of sad feel. Clearly, he uses his childhood and lived experience as influence for this tone.

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