22 year old rapper, FNF Chop, whose given name is Deonte Gaines, is making headlines in the industry. His 2019 single, Walk Down, rose to prominence on TikTok while FNF Chop was incarcerated. This Virginia based rapper has spent time in the jail system before, for the unlawful possession of a firearm and testing positive for marijuana while on parole. However, the viral success of the DMV rapper’s music was a new experience. 

FNF Chop describes his background as having some trials and tribulations that are a part of how he ended up in this challenging situation. His success while incarcerated has given him a platform to discuss the hefty failings of the American judicial system, especially for the most underserved populations. Being a black man in America inherently diminishes the opportunities and second chances one is afforded. FNF Chop raps about some of these topics in his music. This brings a heightened power to his musical success. 

He has partnered with other successful artists including, Stunna 4 Vegas, Sheff G, and Young Nudy. Despite these exciting partnerships in his past music, FNF Chop reports wishing he could do more from inside jail. His passion is his music and we hope he can soon continue his musical journey. 

Look out for more on Spotify as FNF Chop continues to create from and beyond difficult situations.