Triple threat, 3 Lbs, is finding great success in the rap world. He is an athlete, a producer, and a rapper. His music encompasses all three. He raps about drive and ambition that he finds in the athletic realm. He also produces his own music. He is truly a force. Read here to learn what his current top three songs are. 

1. Problems

Problems is a recent hit by 3 Lbs. This song is representative of 3 Lb’s journey in the music industry. It starts with a sultry woman’s voice that grabs you and makes you unable to stop listening for the rest of the song. 

2. Climate

Climate showcases more of 3 lbs talents. It has a different vibe than Problems. However, you can tell it has his signature sound. It has a bit of a faster beat. 3 Lbs is as versatile of a rapper as he is an athlete and producer. This is obvious in this song. 

3. Highway

Highway is a little more textured. 3 Lbs progresses his sound in this song. It has more vocal tracks and a bit of a more complex beat. It is great to have the many sorts of songs that 3 Lbs produces and puts out. This song is a great place to start if you are just diving into his work. 

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