Hayden Margo’s newest release is a single titled Six Feet Hole. This single has a strong beat and an almost peppy sound, but not too much. Its clever lyrics and quick style means you’ll be head-bobbing. One thing that is especially unique about Hayden Margo’s songs is the brevity of each one. It gives you a good taste of each song. Because his songs tend to be on the shorter side, it really leaves you wanting more as soon as it fades out. 

Lucky for us, Hayden Margo has more for us to listen to. Six Feet Hole is giving us more of what we love about his previous releases, but with a little more. His past music is a little slower with a heavy beat. Six Feet Hole is a welcome listener experience from Hayden Margo’s creations. 

While we wait for more from Hayden Margo, you can refresh on the music he’s put out in the past. Acid Rain, his most popular tune on Spotify, has an amazing beat. Even if it is your first time listening, it somehow feels like turning on a song you’ve loved for a long time. 

We cannot wait to see what Hayden Margo has in store for us next! Keep up to date with Spotify