3 Lbs is a rapper originally from West Valley, Utah, who has spent most of his life in Phoenix, Arizona. Beginning in 2014, 3 Lbs, who’s real name is Dean Trevante, created his music career and it has been taking off ever since. Although, that’s not all he does. He is a triple threat, the phenomenon that inspired his name. 3 Lbs is an athlete, producer, and rapper.

3 Lbs describes his music as soulful, unorthodox, conscious, and bouncy. He has worked with mastering engineer Tyler Blakely, producer Isaiah Suthers, and Jordan Korach on previous projects. His music has a strong beat. It also has clever lyrics that you can tell are done with creative intent. 

His new release, Weight on 3 is inspired by the concept of being a triple threat and having three important pillars in his life. Several songs feature artists such as Rouxge Reign, Mboog, Zay Tha Mastermnd, and more. This adds another layer of depth to the already strong album.

Look out for what is coming next from 3 Lbs!