Kayka is an acoustic singer with a wide breadth of musical talents. She performs creative covers, as well as many originals. We spoke with this NYC based singer about her influences, her musical history, how she powers through artistic challenges, etc. Read below to learn more!

Hey! Introduce yourself. Where are you from? 

Currently I live in Manhattan, New York. Been here for a while. Before that I lived in Staten Island, New York. So New York has been my home for a long time as an adult, although I was actually raised in New Jersey as a kid and young adult. I still hang out and perform in Jersey in addition to New York 

When did you start making music? 

Well I took music lessons as a kid at 8 on piano, then started guitar in my teens. I dabbled in writing some instrumental music on piano in my teens but I don’t really remember them now. I started doing open mics and jamming with friends in college and tried to write a couple songs that weren’t really great lol. I got more into songwriting after college and that’s when I wrote a lot of good songs people really liked. I continue to write songs to this day. But also the instrumental piano compositions came back to me over the past 7 years and this time more solid and refined. I have a lot of creative ideas in that genre as well as my pop/rock songs nowadays.  

Who inspires you? 

I love Fleetwood Mac and sing a lot of Stevie Nicks covers. She is still performing which I find an incredible inspiration. Some people feel they have to quit after a certain age but a true artist like Stevie has a need to never stop and she never does! I also love Lady Gaga, she is so multi-talented. A high caliber musician who fits into so many molds, today’s pop, classical, jazz, singing, playing piano- she’s amazing! And she’s crossed over into acting and gained respect doing that so her talents are incredible! And of course she has her unique sense of style, at times outrageous but that’s who she is. Stevie Nicks also has her whole mystical look which is her trademark. I think an image that defines the artist visually really enhances the way audiences interpret the music. I have my own colorful fun image that represents my music and embraces who I am and it’s just as big a part of me as my sound.  

How would you describe your music style? 

I guess the songs I write would be considered singer-songwriter or pop, rock, or folk. Depends on the song, some are more pop, some more rock, some more folk. Singer/songwriter is probably in itself a good description. Everything has old school real instruments.

Who are you listening to now? 

I will always still listen to cool rock artists even if they’re not on the radio anymore. A lot of them still release new music and tour, like Evanescence, Green Day, Food Fighters, Courtney Love. But anything resembling rock in today’s world also attracts my ear. I’m actually a big fan of Miley Cyrus. Miley is very rock in a fresh way but she also does covers and collaborations with classic rock artists like Stevie Nicks, Blondie, Joan Jett. She has a very edgy rock voice and image and a wild side that causes negative feedback – and that is exactly how rock and roll works! I also hear some cool stuff coming from bands like Maneskin. 

What’s your best project or single so far? 

Different projects reveal different sides of me, so it’s hard to just pick one. But I do like the stuff I’ve been putting out in the past few years as opposed to years ago. Technology has made it much easier to record and release radio-ready music nowadays, so I’ve definitely been more satisfied with my recordings from the past few years. And I also created music videos for all my recent songs which is also much easier and affordable to do nowadays.

Any upcoming releases from you to look out for? 

I have a new single called “La Da Da Da Da Remixed” coming out May 6!

Have any shoutouts? 

I want to thank the Online Recording Studio for helping me produce my songs. They’re located in England and it’s a real sign of the times when you can work easily and conveniently with people all the way across the world. I used them a lot when I was stuck in lockdown during the heart of the pandemic and have used them ever since. 

Want to hear more from Kayka? Listen to her music and stay up to date on her coming projects on Spotify!