Kmoe, whose real name is Kale Moses Itkonen, is producer and singer/songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia. His music has been described as Hyperpop and Digicore, making him stand out as a prominent figure in the new wave of pop music. However, Kmoe’s unique and edgy style makes it difficult to identify him with just one genre, highlighting his creativity and making the listening experience nothing short of exciting.

His first release, “fumes”, which features blackwinterwells, was released in 2020 and has received over 100k streams. His collaboration with dltzk, “Homeswitcher”, was released in 2021 and hit over 1 million streams. His first full-length album, “an internet love story” was released in 2020 and features collaborations with several different artists including Jessica Tang and YVØN. Kmoe has worked on several different remixes for other artists, including “blame me” by Limbo and “Shade” by MOSSY

His most recent music video release, for his single “gloves”, was released on May 20th, 2021, and has since garnered over 35k views. Fans are drawn to the relatable subject matter of his music and can identify with his emotional lyrics.

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