The trailblazing rapper Don Plomaso, a Caribbean musical whiz kid, recently traded the warm Curaҫao shores for greener Dutch pastures in hopes of infusing the Dutch European Hip Hop scene with a different musical flavor. Due to his lyrical fluidity and compositions, his crew quickly dubbed him ‘Plomo’ or ‘the feather’ in Spanish, and from that, the stage moniker Don Plomaso was born. 

Don Plomaso got his first taste of the music industry as a member of the popular Antillean Hip hop group Immorales, who in 2004 produced the cross-over hit ‘El Caballo’, which was featured on the ‘La Teoria 29-9’ album. One of the highlights of Don Plomaso’s music career was the 2006 performance of Immorales at Calle 8 festival in Miami Florida, which was broadcasted live on Telemundo.  The life experiences Don Plomaso gained at a relatively young age, after experiencing the pitfalls of fame, is what motivates him to continue in the music industry. He confesses that his path was riddled with missteps that he attributes as life lessons that made him only stronger and smarter and forced him to fine-tune his master plan. “Nothing motivates you more than the feeling of knowing that you have a master plan and that you spend every waking moment sharpening that vision ”, he concluded.  Therefore, his biggest musical inspiration is the legendary Curaҫao composer and singer Ced Ride, who transcended many barriers in his musical career, which spans almost 50 years. “Ced Ride uses his music to send positive messages into the world from our island while keeping our culture alive”, Don Plomaso explains. “I want to do the same with my music, by telling the stories of life that people can relate to”, he concludes.  

Born Eurnick Derwin Damian Martina on April 12th, 1986 to Eunice Merce and Orlando Martina, Don Plomaso admits that he was a curious and rebellious child, filled with ambition and big dreams. Initially, he wanted to become an architect, yet the pull of music was a force he couldn’t resist.  It was the fellow Curaҫao rapper Oz, who at that time was working on his own debut single, which introduced the young Eurnick to rap and the music business. Eurnick also attended Radulphus College High School but dropped out in 2002.  

After music and entertainment created a few detours in his life, Don Plomaso decided in 2012 to move back to the Netherlands to complete a degree in business and economics. 

Don Plomaso has come a long way from his early days as an up and coming rapper and admires and hopes to emulate the career paths of his idols Ced Ride and Jay Z. Slowly getting into his element, Don Plomaso feels obligated to give back to his peers and to share, inform and guide the youth with the knowledge he picked up along the way. Like his musical icons before him, Don Plomaso wants to encourage the youth to unite and dwell on the world as leaders and not become followers of a hopeless reality.  With that in mind, Don Plomaso is a living example that with dedication and hard work, the impossible becomes attainable.