Our favorite Camden, NJ-born, Fresno-based rapper came out with a new nine-track album – Love Me While I’m Here. A pumped up intro from Redman starts Love Me While I’m Here with a bang, immediately reminding fans of Nesto’s signature sound and providing the hype for the rest of the project. Each track highlights a distinct aspect of Nesto’s style, to which he expertly matches his lyrics. 


  1. Intro 
  2. Roll It Up
  3. Hundreds
  4. Falling
  5. Reasons
  6. Living Life
  7. Drama
  8. Riding
  9. Jesus

This newest project is yet another example of Nesto’s superb ability to adapt and consistently bring unique styles to the table. Check out our article, The Evolution of Nesto, to read more on the span of Nesto’s career. Make sure to listen to Love Me While I’m Here on all platforms, including Spotify and TIDAL.