Following up on the success of their first releases since 2019, Doctor Plague and The Parasomniac, The Shape is excited to release Invisible Wolves. Invisible Wolves is the second release leading up to the band’s full-length project, The Age of Doom and Fear, releasing later this year. 

The Age of Doom and Fear and its accompanying singles are an emphatic musical analysis and statement of life as it is currently and the paths of horror and hope that may follow our choices.

Co-founding member of The Shape Chris Carlino said that “the idea behind the album was to go back through all the material we hadn’t used on our previous albums, and explore what they could become with fresh ears and careful development. I had actually written and recorded a version of this song in my apartment six years ago as part of a collection of songs that never found their way onto a Shape album. That version still exists somewhere on Soundcloud today.”

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