Coming off the back of their recent single, Doctor Plague, Connecticut-based metal band The Shape releases their latest epic track, The Parasomniac. The song is based on the concept of sleep paralysis and the cover art is inspired by movies such as Poltergeist and The Ring. With their upcoming album, The Age of Doom and Fear, years in the making, the band has returned from a nearly two-year hiatus with two incredible singles. 

The upcoming album and its preluding tracks build upon the melodic death metal, extreme metal, and progressive metal influences the band has been drawing upon across their 15+ year run. The project and its accompanying singles are an emphatic musical analysis and statement of life as it is currently and the paths of horror and hope that may follow our choices. 

The Shape looks forward to mesmerizing live audiences again in 2021 with a brand new selection of sound and vision. The band recently released new merchandise to accompany their recent releases and upcoming album on their merchandise store To learn more about The Shape, head over to their official website