Coming from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, King Anu is an incredibly interesting emerging artist who has been releasing music since 2017. With his inspiration Lupe Fiasco in mind, King Anu describes his music as simplistic and bar-heavy, among other words. King Anu’s other inspirations contain a multitude of rappers including J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. King Anu has frequently collaborated with artists such as SCCCN and Lil Xenolight, the latter of which he released a full EP with in 2021, titled And They Said Don’t Do It. This EP featured a single released 2020, Another Day in Milwaukee, WI, a look into the artists’ lives in the midwestern city. In this article, we’ll cover three releases by King Anu that showcase his much he’s grown over time.

The Rambles of a King 

The Rambles of a King is the first in a many-part series of extended plays released by the artist that he continues to add to. King Anu uses these four tracks as an opportunity to highlight his passion for lyricism. With a nearly 19-minute run time over only a handful of tracks, King Anu undoubtedly took his time putting his heart into and perfecting each song, notably on the 6:21 Intro. Although it is his first body of work, and the first in the series of EPs, the project holds up against his newer work, including the later EPs in the The Rambles of A King series.

The Rambles of a King 2: No Hooks

The title to Rambles of a King 2 speaks to what King Anu aimed to do on the project – deliver bar after bar and prove himself as an emcee, without any hooks. Similar to the first in the EP series, The Rambles of a King 2: No Hooks features a 6-minute release where King Anu spits his hardest – this time providing a look into some of the darker times in his life with When Shit Hit the Fan. The Rambles of a King 2 gave King Anu more opportunity to express himself. 

And They Said Don’t Do It

On King Anu’s latest body of work, he and Lil Xenolight got together to release the strongest project either have put out to date. This release had a significant improvement in engineering, and the tracks are more structured. The two artists are obviously more confident on this release and this helped them create something great. And They Said Don’t Do It is King Anu’s best project so far, but not for long, as he’s always working on new projects. His next release, We Seem to be At An Impasse, is scheduled for later this month.

King Anu is a talented emcee and an incredibly creative and prolific artist – releasing more than 6 projects over a 4-year span. With his next release scheduled for later this month, we’re excited to hear what King Anu has to share with us. Want to learn more about the Wisconsin-based artist? Check out our interview where we sat down to discuss his influences, favorite songs, and more.