King Anu is a young, new artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin ready to take the industry by storm. While only seriously committing to music in early 2020, King Anu started making music at a young age. With his inspiration Lupe Fiasco in mind, King Anu describes his music as simplistic and bar-heavy, among other words. 

King Anu’s other inspirations contain a multitude of rappers including J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Though King Anu says he hasn’t yet released his best song yet, the artist continues to work to put out his best work.             

“I draw inspiration from a lot of different areas in music and life but if I had to put it all in two places, I would say the majority of my inspiration to make music would have to come from my mother and my favorite rapper of all time – Lupe Fiasco,” King Anu says in our exclusive interview.

King Anu’s most recent release is a joint EP with frequent collaborator Lil XenoLight, titled And They Say Don’t Do It. The project features four songs – Another Day in Milwaukee, Wi – originally released in 2020, Above Average, Days as a Teen, and Dealing with Ignorance.  Over the past 4 years, King Anu has released a number of singles as well as a four-part series of EPs titled The Rambles Of a King. 

King Anu has a lot of music in the vault and plans to release more for his fans soon. In the meantime, check out all of King Anu’s music on his Spotify page. Interested in getting in contact with the Wisconsin-based recording artist? Learn more about King Anu and send him a message on his Electronic Press Kit.