Zack J is an aspiring singer and songwriter based out of India. The artist had been writing music for 4 years when he decided to release a song for the first time called Grant My Wish. The song quickly gained the attention of thousands within a few days and received amazing feedback. 

Zack J is influenced by One Direction and Justin Timberlake, which is depicted in his sound. Zack gets relief whenever he writes down his frustrations on a page and ends up turning them into a song. His lyrics are usually about something very relatable which has people attracted to his music. 

“My music consists of lyrics correlating with our daily life and making you vibe at the same time. The genre of my music is not fixed but it’s more inclined towards pop” he said in our recent interview.

Zack J has a mainstream level pop sound made for music fans all around the world. He is a new artist, who has quickly gained major attraction and will continue to do so. We expect Zack J to soon be known as the next big pop artist out of India. Find Zack J’s debut single Grant My Wish on Spotify or wherever you listen to music.