King Anu discusses love and betrayal on his new track The Great Question. The track focuses on a past relationship, the break up, and what the future could look like. King Anu’s The Great Question will resonate with anyone who has been through heartbreak. On the hook, Anu raps “You married now and you happy I never showed up, but still I wonder what happens if I just showed up, you think we go nuts?”. The song is a message to a lost love, but where the story goes from here only time will tell.

King Anu is a young, new artist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin ready to take the industry by storm. While only seriously committing to music in early 2020, King Anu started making music at a young age. With his inspiration Lupe Fiasco in mind, King Anu describes his music as simplistic and bar-heavy, among other words. King Anu’s other inspirations contain a multitude of rappers including J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar.

The Great Question is available on all digital streaming platforms—you don’t have an excuse to not give it a listen. Want more from King Anu? Check out our exclusive interview on our blog, or dive into his discography on Spotify.