Spotify for Artists recently released the Fan Study. The Fan Study is a comprehensive report on their platforms’ music listeners over the past few months based on data from their application. The report uncovers important learnings for independent artists, their teams, and labels. In this article, we’ll highlight the 5 most important tips for artists from the Spotify for Artists Fan Study. 

Spotify Fan Study

1. Users who add you to their playlist listen to you 41% more.

Encourage your followers to add the new single to their playlists after the song drops. Spotify has created a new tool called Marquee to better market your songs on their platform. If you’ve generated more than 15k streams in the United States in the past 28 days, you’re eligible. Find out how to get started.

2. A fan that saves your track will listen to it three times more.

If you distribute music through an independent distributor like Distrokid, they may create a pre-save link for you. Promote this link to get more streams on and after launch day! You can also use Marquee if you are eligible.

3. Discord converted 800k listeners in one month who listened to 9M streams in 14 days.

Make an impact on growing platforms like Discord. Join groups and interact authentically. However, do not just promote your music without engaging with the community, or you may see a negative impact. Sign up for Discord here.

4. 53% of streams come more than 7 days after music is released.

Don’t stop promoting your song after it’s come out. Even if you’ve dropped new music since, keep listeners aware of your old music on social media and through your Artist Pick. It’s never too late to promote a song. Spotify has created a great tool for artists to easily promote existing releases – Promo Cards. Anyone can create landscape, square, and portrait sized, customizable cards in seconds for their Spotify releases. 

Spell Jordan Spotify Promo Card
A Spotify Promo Card for Spell Jordan

5. Adding a Spotify Canvas increases shares by 10.7% on average.

Canvases are vertical video loops that can play in the background of your Spotify mobile application when listening to a song instead of just the cover art. You can create a video up to 8 seconds in length and add it to your release on Spotify for Artists. Add a canvas to spice up a new track or increase engagement on an older song. When someone shares your song on Instagram, the Spotify Canvas will show in the background instead of a gradient. 


Use these tips to build and grow your fanbase on Spotify this year. If you’d like to check out the entire report, view it at We also share tips on our blog on best practices and advice for marketing and managing independent artists. Check out all of our Artist Resources for more.