Out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a passion for songwriting and hip hop is up and coming artist King Anu a.k.a. The Great King Anu – a young emcee who has been putting in serious work recently. King Anu’s music is gritty and authentic, providing a personal look into the life of someone who grew up in the midwestern city. In this article, we’ll cover our three favorite songs by King Anu that you should add to your playlist this summer.

1. Just Been Thinking

King Anu’s latest release, We Seem to be at an Impasse, dropped in Spring 2021, and Just Been Thinking is both the intro track and one of our favoirte songs from the project. Just Been Thinking is a reflective song, as King Anu discusses his past, present, and future with listeners o ver a smooth and nostalgic instrumental. Been Thinking and King Anu’s We Seem to be at an Impassea are must-listens for fans of King Anu.

2. Above Average

Earlier this year, King Anu recruited Lil Xenolight for their strongest collaborative project yet – And They Said Don’t Do It. On this 14 minute project, the two Wisconsin-based artists mesh effortlessly together, and this is most evident on the track Above Average, where the two artists flex how they are exactly that. If you’re already a fan of King Anu and want to hear how he works with others, definitely check out Above Average.

3. The Great Question

On The Great Question, King Anu discusses a relationship he had,his family, and how his lost love is now married. This is an incredible honest and personal track – something to listen to when you’re sad or feeling heartbroken. The Great Question was released as a prelude to the We Seem to be at an Impasse EP released later in the Spring.

Want to learn more about King Anu? Earlier this year we sat down with him for an interview where he discussed his influences, upcoming releases, and more! And, make sure to follow him on all streaming platforms and on social media at @thegreatkinganu.