Oliver Francis shines on his latest record, STAR, which released via Hopeless Records alongside a music video on May 21st. Oliver Francis has been a household name in the underground scene after many years of hard work developing a unique and powerful sound meshing cloud rap, pop rap, emo rap, and classic hip hop influences. Oliver first began to saw serious online traction after a series of self-released singles and music videos including flip phone, polo socks, wwavvyy, 3deep, AAHYEAHH, and countless more. His earlier releases featured a darker sound while his newer music hears his experimental with lighter sounds and more personal themes. 

As Oliver has grown as a person, so has the quality of his music. Earlier this year, he kicked the door open to his new era with Toxic Paradise and now, he is gracing fans with STAR. On Oliver Francis’ newest release, STAR, he widens the scope, fusing a boy band-esque sound to gritty trap. The music video shows Oliver and company, including close friends Splash Christ and Aahj, smoking, exploring the woods and a cathedral, and more in this gothic-inspired video. 

On STAR, “I wanted to break out of the box and try new things sonically and lyrically,” Oliver Francis says. 

Written in Missouri in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Francis self-produced, self-engineered, and self-recorded the track, as well as directed, shot, and starred in the video, with assistance from his creative partner Aaron James Simpson. Sonically, Francis brings together 80s synthesizers and Atlanta trap piano loops, pushing boundaries in new and creative ways. “In my opinion, the song is super upbeat and fun but also a bit dark and twisted,” Francis shares. 

After amassing 100 million-plus streams, selling out shows, and receiving acclaim from Elevator and more, he widens the scope of the genre, fusing that boy band-esque sound to gritty trap. One thing’s for sure – Oliver Francis gives you something you’ve never heard before, but something you’re going to want to hear a lot more of. Looking for other exciting artists to listen to? Check out our top emo rap and melodic rap artists to watch this year.