Washington, D.C.-based recording artist Spell Jordan connected with Kbackwood$ for an exciting new track – Limelight, released on May 7th on all streaming platforms. The pair deliver an infectious melodic mix of crisp and airy vocals over a pulsing instrumental. Spell Jordan paired the single along with his first merchandise drop. Check out the three tees he put out here.

Kbackwood$ has been making waves recently in the underground with music videos and tracks like Slow Down, Lifestyle, and Red Lipstick, which recently broke 100,000 streams on Spotify. Since the release of Underworld and Underworld (Deluxe Edition) last year, Spell Jordan has been relatively quiet, releasing a handful of singles with artists like Jackie Platinum, Corey Slabs, Uglyboy, and others – Limelight is the latest in this series of songs.

Want more from the two artists? Follow Kbackwood$ and Spell Jordan on Spotify to stay up to date on their new music and to listen to their discography. If you’re looking for other exciting melodic rap artists to listen to? Check out our top 5 melodic rappers of 2020.