Spell Jordan, the debut artist to the Downers Club Records label, released his eighth studio album, Underworld, today on all platforms. The ten track project features vocal features from Jackie Platinum, and is executively produced by Cullen, with co-production from Tilt, Yeezo, and Aidan Han. Spell Jordan says “Underworld is my experience in the music industry – frustration, hope, passion, all in one.” 

Underworld was prefaced with the release of three singles, Dead Presidents, OMG, and Bad Company featuring Jackie Platinum. The three songs saw a variety of success, with Bad Company growing to be Spell Jordan’s second most popular song on SoundCloud. Bad Company was the first of two collaborations with Jackie Platinum on the project, the second being the intro track to the Underworld project, Money or Fame, co-produced by Aidan Han. Underworld features tracks across genres, from pop, to alternative rock, to melodic rap, to country. 


  1. Money or Fame featuring Jackie Platinum
  2. Scooby Snacks
  3. Supernova
  4. OMG
  5. Foolish
  6. In My Bag
  7. Bad Company featuring Jackie Platinum
  8. Dead Presidents
  9. The World Is Evil
  10. Smoking Green Monster

The last two tracks of the project, The World Is Evil, and Smoking Green Monster, are far more down tempo than Spell Jordan’s other music, but some of his most serious and introspective. The World Is Evil discusses privilege, the Black Lives Matters movement, his own experiences, and the state of the world today. Smoking Green Monster concludes the projects and speaks on Spell Jordan’s continued grind for success, and a partial answer to the first track on the project, Money or Fame. 

The eight studio album from Spell Jordan is certainly not his last. Stay tuned for more from the D.C. based artist, including a potential remix to a track off the project coming soon. For now, check out Underworld on all digital streaming platforms.