The hip hop and rhythm and blues scene throughout Africa is surprisingly small, considering the two genres are rooted in black culture. The underground scenes are even smaller, as less resources, agencies, and opportunities limit the growth of incredible talented African artists. However, despite the odds against them, underground artists in Africa continue to release impressive content. Leading the charge is Moroccan recording artist Caponeli.

Caponeli was born in Cameroon, but moved around, later ending up in Morocco, with plans to move to France soon. Effortlessly blending smooth wordplay, melodies, and both English and French, Caponeli is an incredible, bi-lingual artist sure to see mainstream success. Caponeli released his first full length project, Only Thi Family, earlier this year, accompanied by production from French and Moroccan producers such as Big Mo and Freezemuder. 

Caponeli is not only talented, but insanely prolific. He has a free mixtape in the works, Epidemic, slated for release later this summer. We sat down with Caponeli earlier this year for an interview. Interested in learning more about the Morocco based recording artist? Check out the interview on our blog