Nesto is an exciting and unique act from Camden, NJ, now residing in Fresno, California. The recording artist creates a beautiful blend of old-school and new-school hip hop meshing together his west coast and east coast influences. Over the past few years, Nesto has released a series of EPs and his first full length album, Trap on 1000. Today, Nesto released a four track EP, Streets Been Callin’, on all digital streaming platforms.

Streets Been Callin’ features the anticipated remix to Nesto’s popular single, Yola. The remix features bar after bar of mind bending lyrics with Nesto’s signature fast paced staccato flow. Nesto varies outside of his usual comfort zone on the tape, experimenting with melodies and singing.


  1. Synthesizer
  2. Finisher
  3. Try Me
  4. Yola – Remix

Nesto’s latest project is an exciting one. Check it out for free on Spotify, or purchase and support Nesto on iTunes. Interested in learning more about the Fresno article? Check out our recent interview on our blog.