Musicians have long searched for a way to collaborate, receive feedback, and share their music with others. Many artists usually either do heavy self promotion, not following best practices or spamming people, or do little to no promotion as they are confused, overwhelmed, or unsure where to start. SoundCloud used to provide artists with a nearly perfect social network along with its Groups feature. Facebook Groups also were an option for a while, until many grew overloaded with spam. Music distribution company Distrokid announced the release of, a feature inspired by SoundCloud Groups where artists can share and get feedback on their music efficiently – no matter how far they are in their career. 

The Interface is divided into two main sections, NEW, and HOT. The new section showcases all of the newest music, in order, uploaded on the platform. There are no tricky algorithms to figure out and there is no bias towards already successful artists. Many of the artist on the HOT section of the homepage are relatively unknown artists, and our own artist, Spell Jordan, has seen success on the platform, with Money or Fame hitting over 300 plays in one day and placing at the #1 spot on HOT earlier this week. The ability for independent artists to receive recognition and feedback on music is essential for an artist’s growth., while a very new platform, has already gotten a substantial number of members, where HOT tracks gain genuine traction, and where NEW tracks can easily become HOT. 

Conclusion is an exciting new platform with huge growth potential. Created by one of the most popular distribution companies for independent artists, Slaps not only has a solid user base, but a dedicated team driving new updates, features, and bug fixes consistently. All you need to join Slaps is a Distrokid membership. Not already a Distrokid member? Use our referral link for a 7% discount on your first plan. Interested in staying up to date on other news on the music industry? Subscribe to our newsletter here. Looking for more tips for independent artists? Check out our free artist resources.