The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the world – businesses, society, and personal lives have all been affected by the epidemic. Many have shared online how the pandemic have affected them in videos, blogs, and social media. Caponeli, a Morocco based recording artist, reflects on his life since Coronavirus in his seven track mixtape, Epidemic, releasing on August 7th. Epidemic sheds light on the experiences the Cameroon born artist has experienced throughout his life moving across Africa during his life. 

Earlier this year, Caponeli released his debut project Only Thi Family in May, and was accompanied by music videos and a lyric video created by Downers Club Records. The project helped put Caponeli on the map locally as well as brought him some international reach. 

I could describe the project as “pretty radio friendly, not much content to it.” The mixtape was released for sale only and got around 18000 streams till today.

Caponeli said in our recent interview.

While Only Thi Family dropped on digital streaming platforms and online stores, his next project will be available for free. 

Caponeli has experienced a lot in his life, which he channels passionately into the upcoming Epidemic project. Interested in learning more about Caponeli? Check out our artist spotlight or exclusive interview with Caponeli. Stay tuned for the Epidemic project releasing on August 7th.