Weiland is an exciting underground melodic rapper from Tampa, Florida. While he has been releasing music often defined as pop rap, emo rap, and cloud rap for the past few years, Weiland first became know for his social media personality. He is often seen posting pictures and videos of him with guns and other weapons, including a rocket launcher, as well as other antics including pretending to have an autotune implant and faking an arrest. Weiland was born on October 22, 2000, and he is currently 20 years old. His moniker Weiland comes from his middle name. While he often goes by Gavin Weiland, his real name is unknown.

Recently, Weiland has gained success online with a number of bubbling releases, including Gospel, featuring Gothboiclique rapper Lil Tracy, and Affection, which has generated over 1 million streams on Spotify. “Reaching an audience that I was able to reach is insane. And to have labels show interest feels so weird. I never thought it would happen,” Weiland says in an interview with KLH Writing. In the same interview, Weiland cites his influences as Chief Keef, Speaker Knockerz, and many more, although his music is much more easily comparable to that of Hella Sketchy, with whom he had a collaboration, Rack on Me, much of the current Hyperpop community, with a more aggressive and trap inspired vibe. 

In 2017, Weiland released his first and only album, PACKRUNNER, on all digital streaming platforms. The project came with 16 tracks and a number of collaborations with XanGang and other artists including Uglyfriend, and K Swisha. With only two singles released in 2020, Hellcat, and slilppnyhik6febe.onion, the latter of which released under Universal Music Group (UMG) and Victor Victor Worldwide. Hopefully this year, we’ll see another full length project from Weiland. Until then, check out his full discography on Spotify.